1. It is suitable for the processing steps of mounting holes, flow tanks, keyholes and holes of various aluminum alloy profiles. 2. It can complete the processing of all holes and slots on the same processing surface in one loading, and has extremely high working efficiency. 3. Adopt high quality imported computer numerical control system with good user interface. 4. It adopts Italy imported high-power air-cooled high-speed spindle to complete various drilling, milling and cutting processes with high quality. 5. Adopt high-quality AC servo motor, ball screw, linear guide and bearing to ensure the high precision of the equipment. 6. The spindle adopts HSD imported high speed electric spindle. 7. With 8-station umbrella library, 8. With protective devices to fully protect the operator's personal safety. 9. Adopt automatic positioning system. 10. The cooling spray system can be used to cool the tool.xx